PE - Run, Jump, Throw

Learning Intention: I am learning to jump and land using my arms and legs go higher and further.

Success Criteria: I can jump from one space to another, taking off on either one or both feet and landing on both feet. I can use my arms and bend my knees to help me spring forward.

Alvin, you are able to use your arms to help you jump further. Well done.

CARE - Excellence

Learning Intention: I am learning to show excellence.

Success Criteria: I will show excellence through doing my best.

Alvin, you have shown excellence through managing yourself during group activities. Well done.


Learning Intention: We are learning to use active thinking.

Success Criteria: My buddy and I will dig a tunnel for cars in the sand, leaving a bridge over the top for the trucks.

Well done Alvin, you and Noah successfully dug a tunnel for cars, and the truck was able to drive over the top.

Term 4 Writing Sample - Fun with my Family

Learning Intention: I am learning to write about a topic.

Success Criteria: I am able to write about a time when I did something fun with my family.

Term 4 Numeracy

Learning Intention: I am learning to order numbers to 20.

Success Criteria: I will know the numbers before and after up to 20.

Term 4 Reading

I am learning to read using the punctuation correctly.

I am reading right to the end of the sentence, using the punctuation to
help make me reading make sense and be interesting. 

'I am reading so it is better to listen to'.


We are learning about Metacognition.
Metacognition is 'Thinking about our thinking'.

Here we are sharing what we have been thinking about!

Self portrait

We are learning to: Draw a Self Portrait
Success Criteria: I can draw a picture that looks like me


Alvin is enjoying doing Maths at school. Here are the numbers he wrote for me. :-)

We are learning to:
Write numbers from 1-20

Discovery Award

Alvin at Discovery
Today we had our first session of Discovery. Every Friday morning the Kākano team have discovery together. We all meet in the hall and the teachers tell the children what discovery activity will be happening in their room. The children are then able to choose what activity they would like to do for the next hour.
Today Alvin demonstrated the key competency of 'relating to others' . Alvin you did this by working cooperatively with Tete and the other children in his classroom. Alvin was focused when he made his paper aeroplanes and he had a wonderful morning.

Here is Alvin's Lotus learning diagram. We created this in the first two weeks of school. This was done as a part of our learning plan.
We were learning to:

  • Draw our families and our homes
  • Describe what is important to us
  • Talk about where we live
  • Remember special events