Discovery Award

Alvin at Discovery
Today we had our first session of Discovery. Every Friday morning the Kākano team have discovery together. We all meet in the hall and the teachers tell the children what discovery activity will be happening in their room. The children are then able to choose what activity they would like to do for the next hour.
Today Alvin demonstrated the key competency of 'relating to others' . Alvin you did this by working cooperatively with Tete and the other children in his classroom. Alvin was focused when he made his paper aeroplanes and he had a wonderful morning.

Here is Alvin's Lotus learning diagram. We created this in the first two weeks of school. This was done as a part of our learning plan.
We were learning to:

  • Draw our families and our homes
  • Describe what is important to us
  • Talk about where we live
  • Remember special events